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Hunting and Fishing

On the back part of Th'Farm nursery, we have 500 acres of property that we do hunting and fishing tours.  We have 2 ponds that are fully stocked with bass, brim, and catfish.  We also have deer and wild turkeys out for you to hunt.  We section it out to keep areas pristine in order to maintain a healthy wildlife population.  We also have a property rotation cycle for dear harvest.  If bear hunting is what you want, we can also set up hunts in eastern North Carolina during regular scheduled seasons. 
The front and back ponds are stocked and ready for a peaceful day of casting from the edge.  If you want to bring a small 2 man boat and float around and fish, that can be done, also.  No Motorized Boats.
Two day deer hunts on baited tree stands are $150.00.
Half day pond fishing for bass and brim are $50.00.
Three day coastal bear hunt is $500.00.
A Bear kill is $2500.00.
Trophy bear over 350 pounds has an added $250.00 charge.
Hog hunts can also be arranged.
Reasonable prices per kill.
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